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Emilie truly cares about both the aesthetic value of what she creates
as well as the functional value.


—Pecanne Eby, Brandmentoring

Emilie Downs, owner of Imago Visual, is a ‘brand doctor’. She utilizes a process of probing questions that reveal the ‘why’ behind the business, allowing companies to clarify their brand and message. This process develops a brand in a strategic way, rather than relying on random or faddish marketing activities to grow a business. She helps businesses discover why they truly exist, what need their product truly fulfills and why it truly matters. Her clients are able to move beyond business categories to tell their story, both verbally and visually, resulting in clarity for their business, employees and customers.


The ability to drill down and gain clarity and understanding as to what makes a client tick is a unique skill of Emilie’s; a necessary preliminary step before any significant branding, marketing, or design work is undertaken. She loves the “Ah-ha!” moment that occurs when owners discover their individual truths.


Emilie spent the early part of her career as a designer and art director. It was during this time she discovered business owners often have trouble conveying their unique message to customers and employees, leading her to form Imago Visual in 2008. She is an award-winning author and her designs have been featured in HOW and Print design journals. She is sought after as a speaker and authority on branding.


Many of Emilie's clients have completely evolved their brands.

Her clients have:

  • Grown their sales by 10-fold over a period of 8 years.

  • Tripled new customers over a 9-month period.

  • Doubled web sales over previous year.

  • Successfully expanded into an untapped market.

  • Gained market share over an industry giant.

  • Found success in spite of a growing number of competitors.


Emilie lives in Denver with her husband, Tony, and their Boston Terrier, Bruno. Emilie is a Yesteryear enthusiast with affection for all things old including people, vintage cars, and classic product design. Emilie teaches branding to business owners at Colorado Free University. She is a year round volunteer with Operation Christmas Child, sits on the board of directors for the Parkinson's Pointe community center and she writes her own blog.


To discuss your branding and marketing with Emilie, call 303-246-5358.

Our Story

“Emilie's deep understanding of brands allows her to provide strategy and insight that make such a difference in communicating an image for a client.”
—Lori Dubois

Small business owners struggle to get noticed in the marketplace. Often, they are frustrated to find their product or service offering isn't understood by their customers. They may even find it a struggle to get the clients they desire. 

We help business owners tame the marketing beast, resulting in a marketing plan that works for them so they can get more clients and make more money.

Our Vision

“We believe in strategy and purpose. We believe in outcome, not output. We believe in taking the conceptual and making it tangible. We believe in the attainability of beauty. These are our truths.”

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