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Brand Seminar

"The workshop was great! My satisfaction was high because we actually took the time to sit down and write out our values, our business services, and who our ideal client is...which was something I had been needing to do. It was calming to see that I was on the right track and to have it all in writing to refer back to. Emilie is down to earth, realistic, and really strives to help business people find their purpose and direction."

—Ashleigh Sims, Let Me Help You

This half-day workshop will set you on a path for the rest of the year and many years to come.We won't just learn about brands—we're actually going to work on your brand. That's right, you will leave with actionable brand answers under your belt.  

  • Not just a lecture, we're rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.

  • We'll start with brand basics and move on to more complex techniques like identifying your Ideal Client. 

  • You will discover your Core Values to determine things like: how you market, who you market to, and even which services you offer. 

  • We will explore your branding blocks and break through them.  

You will be more successful because of this workshop.

You should attend this workshop if...  

  • Your business is just getting started; this workshop will be a launching point for you, eliminating years of frustration from trying to figure branding out on your own. 

  • You have been in business for 5, 10 or even 15 years; it's time to Re-Spark, Re-Invent, Re-Ignite.  

  • Your business feels stagnant and your can't put your finger on what's missing. 

  • You are frustrated by the lack of progress year after year and you feel stuck. 

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Brand Seminar

You may think that creativity is for only a particular segment of the population. Only for artists or writers. Only for a select, talented few. But that isn’t true. Creativity is an innate ability we all possess. Somewhere along the way to adulthood, we often set aside our creative skills in pursuit of a “serious” education or a distinguished career. However, optimizing your creativity can be a life-changing, powerful tool for problem solving in your work and personal life. Successful scientists, CEOs and IT professionals use creativity every day. And so can you. Rediscover your creative genius in this fun, hands-on class. Find out how creativity benefits everyone, how it adds value to your work, builds confidence and makes you better at what you do. Think you’re too “left brained” for the challenge? Join us in this fun workshop where you will build your creative problem-solving skills, whether you believe you are creative or not. Surprise yourself!

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“I just wanted to thank you again for such an inspirational presentation this morning. I've felt really stuck for a while, oppressed by all of the technology that I have to master on a seemingly daily basis. Today, you made me feel like a new woman, or maybe like the person I've always been, but prior to hearing you speak, felt like I ‘used to be.’”  — Jennifer Croft, SEO Specialist


Three Big Branding Mistakes Destroying Your Profits &
How To Fix It Now!


As a business owner, you carry a lot on your shoulders. Worrying about getting enough clients and growing your business may always be on your mind, but it is easy to become frustrated and feel stuck when it comes to marketing and branding. No need to despair! Join us for an enlightening discussion that will give you a blueprint to set yourself up for greater success.


You will learn:

  • Why every business already has a brand – whether accidental or on purpose – and how it drives your future

  • Top three secrets to use immediately to attract and retain the clients you want


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Brand Seminar


You’ve probably read about storytelling in every magazine you subscribe to; heard about it from every man, woman and child you know. But do you know why the world is abuzz about storytelling?


That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? If you had the answer, you would maximize the heck out of storytelling and make yourself rich.


That’s one reason to attend The Art of Storytelling in Business.


Do you need another? Stories command attention. And attention is difficult to come by these days.


We’ll explore why storytelling is so popular and how it can help boost your 2016 sales. You’ll learn from the best with real-life examples of companies using—and benefiting—from story.


We’ll give you the scoop on the real ROI of story and ideas on different ways of telling your story. Plus, we’ll spend a little time on the subject of uncovering your own story. You might just leave with that million dollar idea you’re looking for. 

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Brand Seminar

Wondering if you really need a brand?

Having trouble looking different from your competitors? 

Frustrated by missed opportunities and lack of revenue?


Take time now to understand how a strong, strategic brand can impact your marketing in a big way!


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"Emilie, you were wonderful. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into your presentation. I got so much out of it, not only for me personally, but also for my clients that I serve as well in my video production company. Thank you so much."

—Karen Fournier, Starstream Productions

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