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A brand is a promise about who you are and what products/services your business delivers. Everyone has a brand—whether they realize it or not. Having a purposeful brand can mean the difference between success or failure for your business venture. If you struggle to describe your product or service, how can you expect your prospects to understand it?


Branding, contrary to popular belief, is not just the logo on your business card. Your brand is made up of many more components. Even if you don't have a company logo you can still have a brand.


Branding is the way you package yourself. There are five components:

  • The first part of your brand is your product or service. It's what you are selling.

  • The second part is your words or message. This is what you are saying.

  • It also includes your core values, These are your closely held beliefs.

  • Then we finally get into the visuals, like the business logo and colors. This is what you look like.

  • Customer experience is also a huge part of your brand. This is what others are saying about you and your business.

Building a strategic brand is very important for a number of reasons. It results in name recognition, a good reputation, as well as a clear understanding of your product or service. It differentiates your services from your competition and because your firm’s value is built into your brand, you are exempt from justifying your prices.


Poor branding or little to no branding results in lost opportunities. No one knows who you are, or how you are different from anyone else and you are left competing on price. It's a race to the bottom with your business becoming a commodity. That's not a place most of us want to find ourselves.

Take your business by the reins and showcase your brand in a powerful and strategic way that drives results. Contact the Brand Doctor today.



Core Values





“Emilie brings innovation, enthusiasm, and effective design to every project that she touches. I can say without hesitation that she is a consummate professional—her dedication to the creative vision of any project is absolute, but she's able to balance it gracefully with the business requirements that many in the creative arts see as restrictive. Emilie truly has a unique blend of creativity and pragmatic practicality.”

—Aaron Batte, Faction Media

Branding Clients

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