What makes a great logo?

The logo concepts are straight out of your dreams, the typefaces are just what you’re looking for, and the colors are on target. You can’t wait to show people your new logo, and for years to come, the design makes you feel proud of your company. Now, that’s a great logo!


At Imago Visual, we love to design great logos for solopreneurs, small businesses, and organizations. We are a graphic design company in Denver, Colorado that specializes in business logos, as well as complete branding packages.


Are you a start-up business and need a strong logo to represent your company? Are you an existing business looking to revise or update your logo for a stronger presence in the marketplace? Maybe you started your business on a shoe-string budget and now it’s finally time to do some logo work.


What’s holding you back from starting the logo process?

Business owners often feel apprehensive at the thought of working with a graphic designer on a new logo. How do I know which designer to work with? Who can I trust? What am I getting for my money? Be sure to ask questions up front. Find out what their design process is (if they don’t have one or can’t explain it, that a sign you should keep looking). The conversations that take place before your logo is created are a valuable piece of the entire process.


Our unique logo design process

All of our logos are custom designed specifically to fit with your business identity. We start by interviewing you about your business, your industry, and your marketing needs. That’s when the logo concept phase begins. We then come up with hand-drawn logo options for you to analyze and review. Because our logos are custom designed, oftentimes our clients find it hard to choose a final logo from the options we present! We hope you’ll like all of the initial logo designs, but we’ll work with you until you LOVE the final design.


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