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Strategic marketing that drives business and gets prospective customers to take action.


We help our small business clients develop strategic brands and supporting marketing materials that reflect their company’s true brilliance and give them confidence. Imago Visual helps clients “grow up” or undergo a visual metamorphosis. The result? Your business looking more credible, you feeling more confident and communicating more consistently with the right audience.


By taking our clients through a signature, 5-step revitalization process, Imago Visual helps business owners tame the Marketing Beast, ensuring their marketing mix will attract more clients and increase their revenue. We play to your organization’s inherent strengths, never asking you to be something you’re not. Whether it’s brochures, direct mail or publications, we can help design and develop marketing materials that represent your vision and increase visibility. Some of our clients view us as their marketing department—and we like that. 

To request a free strategy session, please call Emilie at 303-246-5358


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