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"What if I don't like it?" This is a question I've often been asked by prospects about to embark on a new brand. And it's a valid concern. Many times this question is followed by the business owner telling me a horror story of going through hundreds of logo options and ending up with nothing. "We halted the project and went back to logo we were using before. How do I know that won't happen again?" 

The answer lies in the questions. The questions you ask and the questions we ask. People often think of branding as a mystical and magical process that no one can define or understand—it just happens. That may be true for some creative firms or graphic designers. However, we use a deliberate process to help business owners and startups define their brand strategy through the words and symbols that make up your business logo. Our process consists of:

Step 1: Brand Strategy Interview 
Step 2: Research & Development
Step 3. Implementation


With every project at Imago Visual, we start by asking questions. What’s your reason for wanting to brand or rebrand in the first place? Then we move on to: Who is an ideal client for your product or service? What's your company’s driving purpose? What values are at the core of your business? These are big questions but, don't fret, we know how to help you discover the answers. This rational process of discovery makes the odds of literally "going back to the drawing board" very rare. We've eliminated any misunderstandings about what your firm does and why you do it before we get into brand concepts.


We also research your industry and competitors. We develop logo concepts that visually and verbally represent your business at its core. And then we go back to asking more questions: Are we on track? Does this resonate with you? We trust in our branding process ensuring we stay on course.


Finally - the payoff! This is when we take the research and concepts into consideration and puts pencil to paper. Thoughts and ideas turn into sketches and shapes we can see and interact with. When we reach this stage in the process, it's easy to look back and see the benefit of clarifying your "what" and "why." They come out in your business logo. This brand icon becomes a reflection of you, your business and the things you value at your core.


Any project or endeavor can take us in directions we never thought of before. And a logo design project can certainly end up in disappointment without a clear process. This is why each and every stage of the strategic brand process is so important. We can't skip over the interview or research and still create something of value. Without it, we would end up making pretty pictures with no meaning to them. Understanding the process can eliminate many of the fears and second-guessing, allowing you to trust your creative team at Imago Visual to give you results.


Call us if you need branding services or help with refreshing an existing brand. We'd love to talk about it…before putting pencil to paper, of course!

For more information about our branding and marketing process or to schedule your free consultation, please contact us at (303) 246-5358 or

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