It should come as no surprise that I like typography. Most designers have a certain affection for letter forms. In fact, I’d like to create my own typeface someday. But I haven’t always liked to read. In 1st grade, I found that learning to read was difficult and resulted in hyperventilated breathing between words. "And [gasp] the [gulp] p-p-purple [pant]..." I didn’t see any reason to advance beyond the Dick and Jane books. Their blasé shenanigans with Spot and the red ball were just fine for me. No more dialog needed.

One day, at the town library, I was picking through the usual array of Berenstain Bears books when I noticed a book on display in the "Junior" section where my smarty-pants older sister always got her books. It was Jack London’s White Fang. My mom noticed my trance and suggested we read the book together. We did—every day after school, "W-White [gasp] Fang’s [sigh] snarl..." The book was far beyond my reading level but the adventure within those pages was phenomenal. I couldn’t get enough of books. I was hooked—for good.

My love for books has led to a fascination with vocabulary and the changing American language. Words and phrases that didn’t exist a few years ago are now commonly used. Every year Merriam-Webster adds a few choice words to their dictionary pages. "Ginormous" was recently added. It’s a combination of "gigantic" and "enormous". Why not influence those decisions? Be the voice of change (politically hackneyed phrasing intended). Below are some of my favorite made-up words. I find they can be helpful in expressing complicated feelings and emotions.

I’m a Brand Doctor for all intensive purposes. The correct phrase would be, “all intents and purposes” but I feel more intensely about the subject so I like to add some emphasis there.

Are you feeling apprehentious without a clear brand strategy and marketing plan? It’s a combination of anxious and apprehensive—and a very good combo at that.

Nip your competition in the bud or the butt? Both could be highly effective.

I like typography, words, and expressions. And while I won’t use a made-up word to describe you or your product, I will help you create a remarkable brand that will resonate with the right audience. I’ll tell your story. I’ll hook your audience—for good.

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