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Mediocrity is Expensive

Being mediocre costs money because average doesn’t stand out. If we do mediocre work, why would anyone seek us out? It’s mediocrity – the failure to create a strong brand niche when you could have, and you should have – that is so very expensive.

Brand is reputation. And a mediocre reputation is very, very costly.

Looking the same as your competition is mediocrity. It means that you’ve used the same message and the same marketing techniques and your results are unexceptional. Storm Troopers are OK but standing apart like Han or Luke is even better. Good vs evil aside, Storm Troopers all look alike but no one would ever confuse Han with Luke­—their characters are too well developed for that to happen.

How does having a strategic brand help you rise above mediocrity?

Here’s just a few ways that brands help set you apart:

Recognition & Reputation: Good branding builds awareness of your company among your prospects and referral partners. It also spreads the good word about trustworthiness and expertise.

Purpose & Clarity: Potential customers will have a clear understanding of your product or service and they’ll know when to call you for help. Defining your business motivation, or purpose, puts you light years beyond your competitors.

Differentiation: Strategic branding shows others why you’re different (and better) than the competition. Showing your differences means there’s less risk of being seen as a commodity in the eyes of your consumers.

Here’s the bottom line: A brand is a promise about who you are and what benefits you deliver that is reinforced every time people come in contact with you or your business. We all have a brand regardless of whether we’re aware of it or not. Would you like your promise to be mediocre or exceptional?

Need help building an innovative brand? Call us today—we’ll make you memorable.

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