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Brain Boost

If you were to ask if you could pick my brain, I may just giggle a bit. In my mind, I picture the top of my head opening and someone reaching in and picking out bits of gray matter. And the term “creative juices” makes me think of squeezing a brain to get said “juices” out. See, you would giggle too.

Whether or not you think of yourself as creative, we all use creativity to solve problems. But how do we get creative? And how do we get more of it when we need to spark an idea or formulate a plan of action? What do we do if we find ourselves in a creative slump? Here’s a few ideas:

Try harder. No really, apply yourself in a different way. I was feeling like I was in a slump so I enrolled in a creativity class that’s tailored specifically to my industry. You could read a book, attend a workshop or webinar. The point is to get some fresh ideas or new perspectives on problem solving. Creative lesson here: There’s more than one angle to what life hands you. Don’t forget to view things from as many perspectives as possible.

Visualize your success. When brainstorming an idea, we often end up self-critiquing which can put us in a creative tailspin. Instead, write a good future for yourself. Write your own testimonial from a happy future client about how you solved their problems with your brilliant idea that is just around the corner. Creative lesson: Stop the judgments and you’ll find you’ve opened your mind to unlimited possibilities.

Take time off.

Walk away, but don’t just stand there. Make something—with your own two hands. Put down the iPad, close up Pinterest (unless you’re getting craft instructions there) and actually make something: A bird house. A paper mâché bird house with a wooden bird to go in it. Weird! The new activity should be completely unrelated to your business and problem to solve. Explore an activity with several steps so you can slow down and think it through (and not think about other stuff, like work). Creative lesson: Your new activity serves as a reminder that problem-solving can be fun. Plus you’ve learned a new skill that you didn’t have before.

Feeling inspired yet? We all need a little extra creative boost to help us get in the right mindset for problem-soving. What’s your tactic for getting creative? Share them here.

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