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As I was walking to the bus after kindergarten, a woman stopped my sister and me: “Are you two twins?” she asked. As pleased as punch, I answered, “Yes!” My sister, who is 3 years older than me, said emphatically, “No!”

At the age of 5, I was delighted to look exactly like my big sister. My sister, on the other hand, wiser at age of 8 wanted very much to differentiate herself from her little sister.

This is a lot like running a business. At startup, we just want to blend in. We think to ourselves, “Please, please don’t ask how long I’ve been in business!” We try to look professional, just like everyone else. We offer the same services as our competitors. We want to fit in.

A few years into business, we get a little tired of answering, “How are you different than Company X? They offer the same service for less money.” And competing over price becomes an endless battle.

Ever notice how people put your services in a box? “She’s a business coach.” “He does financial planning.” “I think they have some type of brokerage.” The problem is: to outsiders, we tend to all look the same. As an expert in your own business, you understand the differences between you and an industry competitor. Meanwhile our prospects can barely put our services into a category, let alone think of us when they need our help.

Attention is thinning. Attention is precious. And standing apart is the only way to capture even a tiny portion of that focus. The solution? Standing out in BIG ways that can be plainly seen.

Ready to capture your audience? Imago will help you shine like the original you already are!

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