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A Story About You

​I’m going to tell a story about you.

When you were little, probably around the age of 9, someone told you, you weren’t artistic. Be it a teacher, a friend, a parent, an enemy—somebody criticized your clay horse sculpture.

Or perhaps it was you; you looked around in art class and compared your skills with those of your classmates. You told yourself a lie that everyone else’s art project was better than yours. Worse, you believed it to be true. And tragically, most tragic—you took it to mean, you aren’t creative.

You may think that creativity is for only a particular segment of the population. Only for artists or writers. Only for a select talented few. But that isn’t true. Creativity is an innate ability we all possess.

The difficult part is that I have to convince you that you already possess this extraordinary ability—and that using it in your daily life can enhance your opportunities and set you up for success.

You see, everybody is the “creative type”. As humans it’s one of our most precious abilities. Successful scientists, CEOs and IT professionals use creativity every day. And so can you.

Discover more about your own creative genius by attending a Unleashing Your Creativity workshop. Call for details.

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