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Creativity Takes Courage

You know something? We spend a awful lot of time being afraid of what other people think of us. It's true—we worry about whether or not we're being the person others think we should be. We sometimes spend decades of our lives, trying to live some fictional ideal. And one day, if we're lucky, we might come to realization that we have no idea who we are.

This is what it's like when we let fear do all the talking. You know, FEAR. That not-so-little voice in your head that likes to scare the living daylights out of you. The one that stops you in your tracks—that's absolutely certain speaking in public is dreadful. It's the whisper telling you to censor your own thoughts and only speak in the voice of the popular majority.

You used to be're pretty sure about that. You remember this little kid you once were that, with the exception of Mom and Dad, never feared what others thought of you. Try to remember what that little girl or boy was like, what she felt, what was important to him.

You may vaguely remember making up songs and singing them aloud as the words came into your head. You probably pretended to be a fireman or a nurse. Maybe you scribbled green hair on every character in your princess coloring book. But, one day, as you grew up, you began to fear.

Fear doesn't want you to be creative. Who knows what the outcome will be? "You know, creativity is awfully wild for us. Need I remind you that you have a heart condition?"

Creativity takes courage. It's for the bold and the brave. Those with heart problems should avoid it. (I'm actually kidding about that one.) UNLEASH the person you really are.

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