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Innovate or Die?

Did you know your education was based around making you a good worker in the Industrial Age? It’s true. You were taught to sit still, listen and follow directions. You were taught to show up on time for your job as a productive member of an industrialized economy. You were intended for attendance-based compensation. You were prepped for physical or technical output from which you would retire after having been a company man for forty years.

Yet, you’ve probably had several different employers in your career—maybe more. And you’ve probably asked yourself, “Why wasn’t I taught about this in school?” Maybe you ask yourself that question daily. Have you discovered that if you aren’t constantly learning, you are being left behind?

You see, it wasn’t supposed to end. Who knew we would find ourselves in a post-industrial age? Yes, it’s a new age—the Creative Age. And you are unprepared.

Interchangeable, routinized, managed work can be outsourced. Because it’s routine and interchangeable. Computers are doing algorithms and being far more efficient at it than we would ever be. Even skilled work can be done by someone else who possesses the same skills.

So what’s left?

Emotional work. Work that comes from a whole different skill set. Creative, inventive and unique work. Work that can’t be automated or compounded or sent overseas. Work effort that comes from the human mind. Work that requires empathy and emotional maturity.

Guess what?

You have it in you to be all of those things. It’s human nature to be creative. You just need to train yourself on how to turn it back on.

Rediscover the tools and confidence you need to succeed in the Post-Industrial Age—the Creative Age. Join me for this important workshop: Unleashing Your Creativity for Business.

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