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Identity Crisis.

Are you just sick of it? Sick and tired of your plain, boring, routine rut of a life?

Sure, summer is finally here but your career is stag-nant. You loath your days yet, going home to the TV at night is equally unfulfilling. Sure, you have petunias to water now that it’s hot out, but really, nothing’s changed.

Do you sometimes feel like taking the glue stick out of your desk drawer and using it for lip balm, just to see what happens? Me too.

Yeah. I’ve been there. Fist bump. Boredom twins.

So, let’s do something different. Let’s rebrand or first-time brand or refresh because something’s not working. It’s time to Boost Your Personal Brand, isn’t it? Don’t worry--it’s not scary. I’ll be with you the whole time. And it’s actually going to be (gasp!) fun.

That’s right, FUN! IN ALL CAPS!

We’re going to roll up our sleeves and actually get to work. We’re going to get creative through fun exercises that prime our brains. Then we start recalibrating, so you can stop living on auto pilot and start living on purpose. We will move you out from under your silo so you can breathe again.

Re-Spark. Re-Invent. Re-Ignite.

Or, I suppose, you could take the TV outdoors for a change.

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