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Learning to Play the Microphone

The PBS documentary, Soundbreaking, covers the era in music when the microphone became an instrument, changing the world of audio forever. The microphone places the listener’s ear right next to the singer’s voice, allowing them to come front and center to the action without the performer straining to be heard. Crooners, like Frank Sinatra, “caress” the microphone, pulling it close or holding it at arms length to bring about different sounds. Prior to the microphone, singing loudly—shouting—was about the best one could do. Without amplification, hearing the nuance in the human voice is more difficult.

There’s much nuance to marketing your business. And yet, amplifying it through PR is often overlooked. Public relations can bring an audience front and center to your business.

Most of us have a general idea of PR as something that gets you or your product/service in the news. You might even think PR stands for Press Release. Often, that’s pretty much where our understanding ends.

Public Relations is earned media as opposed to advertising, which is paid media. PR is about persuading audiences to promote you, your business or your idea through positive publicity.

It includes keeping the public informed and educated through:


Blogging & Writing articles

Events & Event Sponsorship

Participating in associations or chambers

Social Media (Yes, Social Media can serve as an amplifier to your PR efforts)

That’s why learning to play the microphone, or tooting your horn, can add depth and nuance to your marketing mix that you may have been missing out on before.

Want to discuss improving your marketing mix? I specialize in taming the marketing beast and making it work for your business, so you can gain clients and increase your income.

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