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Top 5 Ways To Know Your Marketing ISN'T Working.

1. You're Competing on Price

Ever find yourself justifying your prices to a prospective client?

If you're spending time responding to comments like, "What can you do for me that Brand X can't do?" or "I guess I don't see the difference between the two services." Then it's time to differentiate-and to make sure those differences are heard loud and clear by your potential customers. If clients are asking you to discount, it means they are making their purchasing decision based solely on price. You don't want that. Why? Because it means they can't tell the difference between you and your competitor.

2. No One's Heard of You

Frustrated because your business seems invisible in the marketplace? Are you watching competitors succeed while you seem to make little or no progress? That's a result of having an unclear story. Everything you say needs to be about your target audience. The stories (message) you share must demonstrate how your products and services help your customers get to the world they want to live in.

3. You Don't Have Enough Business

Your branding efforts (or lack thereof) directly correlate to the amount of money in your pocket. Don't believe me? So often, I find business owners are pouring their marketing dollars into something that doesn't speak to their audience. Making an informed decision on marketing gets lost in the fray of doing something. You can expand your business and grab a bigger slice of the market through strategic marketing techniques. Your company can move beyond surviving to thriving.

4. People Don't "Get" What You Do

Ever feel as if you're "talking over people's heads", or potential buyers don't understand your product or service? Ask yourself if you are communicating to your customers what you do in a non confusing way. Customers are the key to your success and if they don't understand you, they don't buy from you.

5. You Don't Have Repeat Business

It's 5-10 times cheaper to keep a customer than to gain a new one. A client in hand is worth two in a bush. Or does that expression only apply to birds? If you don't have a strong follow-up message to keep past customers engaged and you top-of-mind, they will move on.

If you're struggling with one or more of these problems, be sure to join me for the Five Keys to Higher Sales workshop in two weeks. Don't miss out on valuable, business-changing tips and tricks that will get you noticed.

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