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Great Mistakes Day!

This morning, my calendar notified me that tomorrow is National Failures Day.

I don't know exactly what that means and I'm not going to look it up—because imagining the possibilities is so much more fun! Is it a celebration of failures that this nation has experienced? Or, is it a national holiday for people who self-identify as failures?

Either way, I say, TGINFD!! I've often thought we should rename Columbus Day as Great Mistakes Day. I mean, the guy discovered a continent by accident. And if you are a self-identified failure, tomorrow is most certainly a day of celebration.

Here's what I mean.

Humans learn by iteration—by copying one another. And we most definitely learn best by failing. So, toast to yourself and all those Great Mistakes that have made you into the awesome person you are today!

Then get your butt signed up for some classes so you can keep learning — and showing off the next iteration of YOU! It's You 2.0.

Fair thee well, my fast-failing friends!

Emilie Downs, National Failure

Boost Biz Ed, DTC

Do you think that being the “best” is going to build your business and make you successful? Think again! Are you smart, talented, and highly educated and still struggle while your less skilled competition soars and wonder why? Because, your marketing is much more important than your mastery! Buckle up and learn the top tips, tools, secrets, and strategies that will get you into the marketing mindset that will take your business to the next level!

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn the secrets of a marketing mindset

  • Discover the power of defining your value proposition

  • Step up, stand out, and embrace the most underutilized strategy

Branding for Small Business

Check out what participants are saying!

“Emilie’s extremely knowledgeable about branding and helping small businesses expand their market.”

“Encourages student-to-student interaction and brainstorming.”

"Practical tips I can use to launch my small business."

Monday, August 20, 6-9pm

A 3-hour intensive designed to give you a solid brand foundation for your business.

Colorado Free University: Near 1st & Quebec

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