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3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Photography

Hey, there’s this bridal boutique in my neighborhood that I’m super excited about. Want to see a photo of it?

What’s wrong? Why aren’t you excited?

The dresses are gorgeous. The space is amazing! Even if you’ve never said, “yes, to the dress,” you’ve got to be excited!


OK, what about now? Is it a little easier to see why this place rocks?

It’s less difficult to understand why a newly engaged woman might be interested in shopping here once you see it visually represented by a professional photograph.

Here are 3 reasons why professional photography is a must for your business.

1. A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words

I'm sure you've heard this phrase before—and a good photo is worth at least a thousand more. Complex ideas can be absorbed much more quickly through images. But not all images are equal as you can see from the example at the top. That image happens to be dark and blurry. It doesn't accurately portray the space and the experience you'll have in visiting this boutique.

The professional photos (courtesy of Imago Visual photographer, Tony Downs) match with the words, "gorgeous, amazing," I used to describe this bridal boutique.

2. First Impressions Count Big

It's been said that we have about seven seconds to make a good impression in person. In the online world, it's much faster. We make positive or negative judgements about a website in milliseconds! And getting a positive first impression online has far more to do with visual aesthetics than anything else. If you want your online presence to be the bridge to your next big client, be sure you convey the right message visually with professional images.

3. Seeing Is Believing

Good photography counts as proof—evidence that you really are who you say you are. Showing images throughout your marketing that convey the right feeling help us connect to the mental expectations we already hold in our minds.

Beautiful, fairytale-like dresses may be hard to describe with words, but can be instantly understood once visually displayed in a professional photograph. The viewer becomes an eyewitness to how beautiful the dresses are.

Plus, social posts containing quality images rank higher and are much more likely to get shared by other users. If you're looking for a way to get your message retweeted and shared, using photography is a great way to accomplish it.

Imago Visual is special with its professional photography because Tony Downs has not only 17 years of experience in photography, but he also understands the marketing aspects that make the product look its best to the viewer.

Contact the Brand Doctor at Imago Visual to schedule a professional photography session and get your online viewers excited about your business! Within milliseconds, you can grab their attention with beautiful, professional photographs.


It's Time for your close-up!

Get a custom half-day photo shoot!

Perfect for:

  • Showing off your storefront

  • Action shots at your next speaking engagement

  • Friendly, engagingMeetups & group events

Only $495!

You'll look brilliant throughout your social platforms, your website and across all of your marketing channels!

All shoots include super-fast turnaround, full usage rights and all photo touchups.

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