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Busy vs Focused.

Remember those goals and new year’s resolutions you made not so long ago? Well, how are they going? Are you keeping them on track, or have you instead been put-upon with projects, problems and email requests?


I get it. Everyone wants to feel busy. It helps us feel self-worth and importance. It gives meaning to our lives. And in an era when our occupations often have little to do with actual living, (ie gathering food, finding shelter), it can be difficult to feel close to the meaning of life. I mean, do we actually need life coaches, marketers and consultants for our survival? The answer is a resounding ‘yes,’ if you’re navigating the concrete jungle of modern life. And here’s why:

The Struggle is Real, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re busy DIY-ing our lives. Doing it all ourselves like maniacs. With all seriousness, we spend much of our time in a self-imposed state of distraction and mania—which NO ONE would agree is healthy. It truly doesn’t make sense in most cases. I mean, if you want with all your heart to build a bookcase out of a wood pallet you found while dumpster diving, far be it from me to stop you from having that creative experience.

But, what if your time was worth $800 an hour?

Would you do some things a little differently? Would you be dabbling in your own marketing / tax preparation / interior design? I just met with my business coach and my tax accountant (2 different experts) and I’m happy as can be to have them working on my behalf.

What’s the value of having outside, expert marketing help? Looking from within your own business, you can be almost blind to the marketing possibilities that will work best for you. I can see your business from the outside.

Want a leg up on the competition? It’s marketing.

What to stand out from the crowd? It’s marketing.

Want a broader reach and more revenue? It’s marketing.

Marketing can do all of these things for you but you need a plan from an effective and strategic marketer in order to get you there.

While writing this article, I mentioned this topic to a client of mine who had this to say, “The longer I’m in business, the more I value outside expertise. Early on, when it was pure survival, I had to do more myself. Once we got established, we needed professional help in many things, including (and perhaps especially) in marketing.”

Using your time wisely means playing to your strengths. Being Focused On The Goal instead of Busy With The Task At Hand.

I live and breathe marketing. It is my purpose and my passion, which means you can focus on your passion—running your business­—knowing I’ve got you covered.


Outsource Your Marketing!

Need a marketing manager but not ready to hire a staff?

We can help you:

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You'll look up-to-date and put together across all of your platforms. Finally get that marketing to-do list off your plate! Find out more!

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