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The compound interest of marketing.

I love the idea of compound interest. It’s the concept of earning interest on your interest. Being a business owner and hanging out your shingle is all about whether or not people have an interest in what you’re offering.

Marketing compounds interest in your business within the minds of your prospective clients. It maximizes what you’re already doing for your business when you’re out networking. Want your business to work for you even while you sleep? It’s marketing. Marketing is the number one business maximizer out there.

Here are three ways marketing compounds the interest in you and your business.

1. Keeps you top of mind

One way the interest in you and your services compounds is by staying top of mind for your audience through marketing. Suddenly, you’re feeling more popular. People are talking about you. You’re coming up in conversation.

2. Fosters a good reputation

Another way that marketing compounds the interest in your business is by helping people experience you before they experience you. A good reputation precedes you, when you look and sound like the professional you already are by using testimonials and professional design on your website.

3. Differentiates you from competition

It becomes crystal clear to your prospects and clients how you differ from your competitors. Your value is understood and unquestioned—which means you spend less time proving yourself and more time doing fulfilling work for your clients!

Want to compound the interest in your business? Talk with the Brand Doctor today! We'll put a marketing plan in place to help you maximize interest and compound your revenue!

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