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You're Not Supposed to Have All The Answers.

Many solopreneurs think that because they have chosen to do business on their own, they should have all the answers. They believe in being an army of one and look only to themselves to answer any question relating to their sales, marketing or business development.

It’s true, I’m a self-reliant Gen X-er who prefers being a solopreneur. But that doesn’t mean I’m alone. And you shouldn’t be either. Here’s why.

The problem with going it alone that no one ever achieved a remarkable level of success by going solo.

Anyone who has made a name for themselves has a team of assistants, consultants and coaches they delegate to, bounce ideas off of, and outsource to. Having that behind-the scenes support system makes all the difference. Read on to find out what I discovered.

1. Allows you to work in your Zone of Genius

As an entrepreneur, time is your most valuable resource. Do you want to spend your days learning marketing, updating your website, doing your own taxes? For most of us, the answer is no. You’d rather spend your time doing the things you love and that you’re already good at.

2. Gives You the Gift of a Thought Partnership

Imagine bouncing ideas off of a trusted source who is intimately aware of the workings of your business. Just think what you could accomplish with that kind of partnership! No more going it alone when it comes to coming up with new ideas.

3. Finally See Yourself from the Outside

Can I be completely honest with you? By going it alone, what you’re missing out on most is an outside perspective. If you’re having trouble seeing yourself as others see you, guess what, you’re completely normal. Everyone struggles with their own internal bias. You need an objective partner, especially when it comes to marketing yourself or your services.

Here’s the bottom line: Doing everything on your own is overwhelming, ineffective and not a whole lot of fun. Never underestimate the value of asking lots of questions of a well-chosen support team. Why not optimize your success by selecting the best resources to help you along the way?


Outsource Your Marketing

Need a marketing manager but not ready to hire a staff?

We can help you:

  • write and design your newsletter

  • make social media updates

  • web updates and SEO

  • design marketing materials

You'll look up-to-date and put together across all of your platforms. Finally get that marketing to-do list off your plate!

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