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Feelings, Status & Connection: Our Reasons For Buying

Scenting the soap doesn’t make it more effective in fighting germs. But you might decide to purchase the scented option because you believe you smell better because your soap smells better. The rational value of your product may be different from the reasons people buy it.

One of my clients has developed an excellent product that solves a specific problem on the equipment farmers use to plant seeds. This new product is also way easier to install and replace than the original parts. In the feedback they get from farmers, it’s hard to tell which feature the farmers like better: the easy install or the resulting higher crop yields. Never underestimate the power in being easy to use, or great to work with.

There are proven health benefits to getting regular massages but there’s also a lot of feelings regarding status and affiliation that go along with seeing a massage therapist. Who else is getting a massage? Are they like me?

There’s an old adage that applies to what we’re talking about here: No one wants a drill, they want a hole. Meaning, we aren’t really buying a drill or a drill bit for the sake of having those things. We buy it for what it can do for us—make holes.

We are not buying commodities.

We are not buying a razor, we’re buying a close shave.

We are not buying an insurance policy, we’re buying security.

We buy feelings, status and beliefs.

Figure out what you are really selling. Chances are it’s tied to powerful human emotions. Then infuse your marketing with the appropriate message regarding feelings, status and beliefs. Need help getting there? Contact the Brand Doctor.

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